An Open Letter to my first Fiancé

Subject: An Open Letter to my first Fiancé
Date: 21 Feb 2016

One word comes with fiancé that is of the upmost importance to me; commitment. Any first experience can be either the best or the worst. I'm hoping and praying you will be my first and last fiancé. Relationships are never easy with all of the physical and mental temptations. Making it to the decision where you want to spend the rest of your life with someone takes time. Whether a relationship has been ongoing for a few months or a few years, once you find the one special person of your dreams, all the temptations will seem to go away all at once. It seems all that you now care about is her/him and supporting them at all costs. You would give your life for them, but will they sacrifice theirs for you? That is the question that one must figure out on their own. All of the time and effort that I've spent on you can be thrown away so easily. That thought brings excrutionary agony to any mind, giving someone everything they possibly can and yet they give nothing in return. I will not let the Devil talk in one ear and the Angel in another. I'm trusting you to hold my heart as if it were your own. As your future husband, I promise you these few things as I cannot remember them all right off the top of my head.

I promise I will give you my ear to talk in to when no one else seems to listen. We now take on our problems as one, not as two.

I promise I will make you feel just as special decades down the road as I did just a few short weeks into our relationship.

I promise to always be the role model that you, and children, will want to look up to.

I promise to be the man of the house, but not to forget to include you, what good is a man of the house without a woman by his side?

I promise to love you for who you truly are.