An Open Letter To My Ex's New Girl

Subject: An Open Letter To My Ex's New Girl
Date: 23 Jan 2016

I admit it, I hated you at first because of jealousy (everyone has it with someone) But now, when I think about it, I wish you the best of luck with whom I didn't belong with..

It's been about four years since we cut it off, me and him. I can still remember everything about him. His favorite cologne, the way his eyes would sparkle, the way he laughed, how great he was around kids, his favorite late night snacks, and I knew exactly how hot he liked his showers and how crispy his bacon should be. He was the guy who showed me what I know about hunting and who made me love even just the thought of going fishing. He was the guy who enjoyed being around my family, the one who would help my mom out without even asking. He was the man I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. Those are only the good memories, though.

No one ever seen what went on behind closed doors and I never mentioned it (until now).. We would constantly fight and argue over things that shouldn't have mattered, he didn't go out and cheat but there was multiple flirtatious facebook messages and texts (which is still wrong), he was very controlling, I couldn't hang out with my friends, and I couldn't upset him unless I wanted a pair of hands around my throat or a couple bruises on my arms.

But I realized that his 'I love you's' to me were just repetitive sayings that he didn't mean. I realized I didn't need to love and rely on a boy that would treat a woman the way he treated me. I became strong and broke off a relationship with the guy I was engaged to. I knew it wasn't meant to be, him and I.

You two are together now and seem to be a happy couple living a happy life. I hope he treats you with respect and doesn't make an angry fool out of himself, I hope he surprises you with your favorite chocolate and rubs your back after a long day of work, I hope he has high hopes for you in his future. Just know, the pain will hurt you the more you put up with abuse. I don't think it will be a problem with you though, I believe he loves you. Like actually, genuinely loves you. Behind all the mad is a great man. So again, I wish you the best of luck. He was my lesson but he could be your blessing.