An Open Letter to My Ex Girlfriend's New Love

Subject: An Open Letter to My Ex Girlfriend's New Love
Date: 20 Nov 2015

People always throw around the phrase, "I have the best girl in the world." They say it and don't mean it or just say it in the spur of a moment. When those words came out of my mouth or from my fingertips though, I was 100% sure every time throughout the 6 years I did have the best. For you, please mean it too when those words come out because love shouldn’t have room left for doubt.

Treat her like she's your one and only. She should be your one and only. Don't forget to hug and kiss her every time she walks in your door and every time she leaves. You can never show her too much love and affection.

Don't take anything you have or do with her for granted. If you ever lose it, you'll know why I say this. Make sure to comfort her even on those days that you need comfort. Put her feelings first. The first time you see her cry is the first time your heart will break. Make sure she knows that you are there for her. Always be there. No matter what.

Even when you're pissed and think you don't want to be around her, you do. She will make you want to scream sometimes, but don't. No matter how difficult or stubborn she gets, still love her just the same. Accept her for her, including every little flaw. Learn how to fall in love with her flaws. Annoyingly adorable, it is possible. Don’t just love the easy parts of her.

Treat her like she deserves, which is with only love, kindness, and loyalty. Don't forget that she is the best you'll ever find.

Tell her she's beautiful every chance you get. Make her feel like no other girl amounts to the way she looks in either skinny jeans, a dress, workout shorts, or nothing at all. She's the most beautiful person. Remember that.

On a last note, please love her with all that you have. And if you can't give her happiness, find a way to let her go so that she can find it. She deserves 100% and nothing less. Give her all you can and know that right now you have the greatest gift that God could of possibly given to you.