An open letter to my ex, the father of my child .

Subject: An open letter to my ex, the father of my child .
Date: 28 Dec 2018

I always thought we would be together. Regardless of the multiple times that we fought, the multiple times that people told us we wouldn’t make it, we always seemed to get through things . When we found out we were having our child, I know we were both nervous. We were going to be parents. The day we had our son, was the most wonderful day of my life, I would say it was the most wonderful day of your life too, but if it was, you’d be here for your son.
You broke my heart, told me how worthless I was, you screamed at me In front of our son, and slammed my name to your friends and family. The mother of your child, and you treated me like I was your worst enemy.
Of course my heart aches, when you moved on. When you started taking girls out on dates, even started talking to some of my “friends” . I wish I knew what it was like to be able to go out, and make new friends, go on dates with guys, but when you’re a single mother with a full time job and attempting to go to school at the same time...those things are kind of impossbile. When you’re out drinking with the boys and enjoying you’re life, I’m at home giving our son a bath and reading him stories at night. I’m teaching him how to walk and talk, and you’re out saying how much you miss him.
I didn’t think I’d ever get over you, but I did. I believed in your false promises time and time again, I brushed off all the horrible things you ever did and told me, but do you know what the one thing was that I couldn’t brush off ?
I couldn’t brush off the fact that you broke someone else’s heart, our sons. You’ve got my forgiveness for everything you ever did wrong to me, but do you think you can get him to forgive you ? When he’s sad, he cry’s for mom. When he’s happy, he calls out for mom. When he’s sick and can’t sleep at night, he calls out for mom.
I got over you, the day you broke my child’s heart. I got over you, the day you broke your promise to MY son. I got over you, and if things keep going how they are, soon, my son will get over you too .