An open letter to my ex

Subject: An open letter to my ex
Date: 20 Jun 2016
It's been 6 days since you came over and broke up with me. 6 days since I lost my best friend. 6 days of grieving over someone who I thought would always be mine. 6 days of wondering what I did wrong. 6 days of wondering how much of the last 2 years were real. When you're in love you really never see how life is without your significant other. You always have someone just a call away. You have someone wondering if you're okay or if you've made it home safe. When something good happens there is always that one person who pops into your head that you immediately want to tell. And when something bad happens there is that one person who you immediately want to hold you. But all of that comes crashing down one day and you're just left to wondering, what happened? Two years ago we met at a high school school basketball game. Then things escalated and we began to get to know each other. My favorite part of the day was seeing your name light up on my phone. It was like this uncontrollable feeling of joy that wouldn't go away. There is always that excitement of a new relationship and getting to know someone. But you never thought it would be like this. Weeks pass and we get to know each other more and more. We start to hang out and we meet each other's family. Things are going great besides the fact that you would only snapchat me because you wanted to have a high score. Then you finally asked the question I'd been waiting for, will you go out with me. We were young, I was only 15 and you were 16. Who would have ever thought it would last as long as it did. Now you're almost 19 and I'm 17. You've graduated and I'm going to be a senior. But none of that matters now. As the months go on we began to get closer. Telling each other things neither of us would think about telling anyone else. You tell me about your family and I tell you about mine. We talk about our likes and dislikes. We had the perfect relationship. You asked if you could kiss me for the first time and you took me in the apple orchard and told me you loved me. You kissed my forward and hugged me goodbye. You walked me out to my car and told me to drive safe. You were the perfect boyfriend. But, I guess I can only get so lucky. We had our problems just like anybody else. We would fight sometimes but then get over it. We soon knew each other better then we even knew ourselves. My family fell in love with you and thought of you as part of the family. You loved Mongolian grill and Panda Express. And those cookies from rousars bakery and the pink and white Mexican ones. You hate miracle wipe and occasionally will eat mustard. You're a die hard panthers fan but you watch all the football games that you can. You like the Mariners and the Red Sox but you say you aren't good at playing baseball. Even though I know you're good at everything. You were such an amazing athlete and it made me so proud to watch you do what you loved. As time went on so did our lives. Huge changes started to happen. You were soon turning 18 and that meant you had some big decisions to make. You had the chance to move out of your dads house and you did. I hope you still believe you made the right choice. I'm glad I was there to help you though it. I know it was such a hard time in your life. I saw you at your worst and I never wanted to leave. Then your grandma was diagnosed with cancer. I know how much it hurt you because you love your grandparents so much. But I'm glad I was there to help you through it. She kicked cancers ass and I'm so glad. Your senior year was great. You were the star basketball player and we did so many fun things together. We went to Mariners games and the Seattle Zoo. We fed the ducks on occasion even when they weren't hungry. We had many Mongolian and panda dates. We would sit in your hottub and just talk and laugh. As soccer season approached life got more stressful for us. With you having to make decisions about college and your last high school sport slowly coming to an end. We began to argue more but I still managed to love you. I never once gave up on you and I always believed in you. You got accepted to Eastern Oregon but with certain complications you decided to not go. I am so sorry for that because I know how bad you wanted to go. But life moves forward and you took the little bump in the road like a champ. You finished your senior year of high school strong and graduated. I was so proud of you when you walked across that stage. You are such a bright and smart young man. I was so lucky to call you mine. But things started to go down hill. You started to get more annoyed with me and less talkative. You'd never tell me what was wrong or how ou felt. I tried to ignore it because I just wanted to believe you were happy. I did as much as I could for you. I loved you with every ounce in my body. I pushed you and myself to be a better person. I held you on your bad days and I laughed with you on the good days. I was one of your number 1 supporters through the last 2 years no matter what. You made me so proud with everything you did. It was amazing how one boy could be so great. It always felt like a dream to me, how could you be real. No guy could be as perfect as you were. But you were real, everything about you was real. You were a genuinely amazing guy. And then 6 days ago you broke up with me. 6 days ago my amazing, loving, caring, kind hearted boyfriend broke up with me. And now I am here. Writing about how amazing you are instead of telling you.