An Open Letter to My Boyfriend: Thanks For Cheating

Subject: An Open Letter to My Boyfriend: Thanks For Cheating
From: Grace
Date: 9 Nov 2018
Dear Henri. Love, Gracie.

Dear Henri.
Dear, the boy decided to cheat on me:
Dear boy who thought he would get off easy!

Don’t worry, you know me. I’m not gonna come to shatter your car window or toilet paper house. I’m not going to late night call you crying or post any more cheating screenshots of you on social media. You know I’m forgiving. You know I have an open heart who will let anyone in. You know I only see the best in people. That’s what I’m known best for- helping my community.
But you also know that I stand up for what’s right.

I kind of knew it was ending. You know that feeling- where you feel free? Where you feel that you have your whole life ahead of you but you have this leech attached to you?
I was describing more of when I get addicted to my phone, but that describes you too.

Knowing that I was only used for your pleasure is disturbing.
Knowing that you still don’t think you did anything wrong is frustrating.
Knowing that those girls were on you the same time I was is angering.
But the worst, knowing you kept saying “Gracie, I love you” but you only loved me for my body.

What were you thinking buddy? That I wouldn’t come back and say anything? All I do is talk- I have the world’s biggest mouth! I have endless detentions for being so loud in class. The more I think about weren’t the most intelligent, or “one step ahead” so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Since I know you aren’t going to change, and just roll your eyes at this entire letter, here are some cheating tips:

Be a little more sneaky. “I’m out with my friends” You never had any friends! You’re extremely anti-social, so the “we just met” is unconvincing as well.
I thought this was obvious- but girls are allies! We stick together, it’s the benefit of having a vagina we are all connected. She’s gonna tell me.
This one makes me laugh- you aren’t great in bed! You come home with new moves? They don’t just appear, it takes practice especially for you.

I know you only used me for my body when you stopped loving me. I was the only girl you got to love you, and love you enough to let you thrust yourself onto me just after lying about your whereabouts once again. It’s like dating Kelly Kapoor from The Office! You would say “baby let’s go upstairs and lemme apologize that way.” I am aware of my attractiveness. My wide hips, large breasts but flat stomach and strong thighs. I’m kinda irresistible I don’t blame you. That might make you uncomfortable but I’m proud my mama made me like this! #GIRLPWR

You treat those who love you the worst. A mother who is not only beautiful but loving and strong. A father who is sarcastic and funny, but pushes you to be your best. A little brother who looks up to you in everything except Fortnight because he is ten times better at it than you. They were harder to let go than you. I apologize on behalf of your family for not being able to change you enough to make their life easier. You just lie to them about where you are, use their money without telling them, give them plans at the last minute- I’m sorry that you can’t break up with him as I did.

I have had endless men ask me out, don’t even get me started it’s so annoying.
Even a former Seahawks player!
But I couldn’t find the nerve to call any of them back because,
I’ve met someone better.
Her name is Gracie.
She is the most intelligent woman you will ever meet.
She is athletic.
She is strong.
She is absolutely beautiful.
Not only on the outside- but a beautiful soul and heart as well.

I don’t want to date because I’m heartbroken over you, you didn’t break my heart or even make me all that sad.
But because now I love myself and my friends and family so much there’s no need.

Since we ended, I’ve gotten better grades. I’ve become a stronger athlete. I’ve become a better leader in my school. I’ve become a better sister, daughter, niece, and friend. I’ve only grown. I’ve only become stronger if you could even imagine that’s possible.

You have made the biggest mistake of your life, cheating on me. Believe me, no girl will ever tolerate you as I did. No girl will have any better qualities than I did, no girl will allow you to throw suicide threats on her, no girl will allow you to date her after reading this.

But I sincerely, hope you learn to change. Not just as a boyfriend, son, or brother- but as a human being. Seriously. It’s getting old even just remembering your habits.


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