An open letter to my boyfriend/ bestfriend

Subject: An open letter to my boyfriend/ bestfriend
From: xoxoxo Me
Date: 17 Jan 2016

It took me seven years to finally see how lucky we are. How God works in the most unexpected ways. That eight years ago in are sophomore year geometry class when you came over and said only two words to me my life would change forever.
It was a whole year before I would even let you talk to me. October 2008 is when I finally let you in. By the new year you were asking me to be your girlfriend and like any seventeen year old girl. I obviously said yes.
Over the next five years we experianced a lot of big moments together birthdays, graduations, college, our first apartment. Our relationship was tested again and again. In the sixth year we thought it might be the end but something in both of us told us to hang on.
In the seventh year we realized we never wanted to be apart again. That what we have is special in it's own weird dysfunctional way. So here we are at the beginning of our eighth year. Hopefullly it will be our best year yet. There are a few things I want to thank you for....

1. Thank you for your constant acceptance:
I'm sure watching me go from a size four to a ten was hard enough, But no matter what you have always made me feel beautiful. Even when I'm standing in front of the mirror crying, you quickly remind me of how perfect I am to you. You always show me off like I am the most amazing girl.

2. Thank you for always knowing when to shut me up:
I know it's not easy to put me in my place, because I am so hard headed. But somehow you always know what to say that lets me know I'm being over the top and I need to chill.

3. Thank you for your constant support:
I know my life comes with a bunch of crazy baggage, but you accept it open arms. No matter what decision I make, or what life changing event happens your there. To let me cry to you, laugh to you, for hugs and kisses.

4. Thank you for the experiances that turnned into wondeful memories:
Camping, canoeing, beaching, amusement parks and big citys. You are always willing to go where ever I want. Even though you have already been to a ton of places. You always offer to do it again with me.

5. Thank you for being the best at winning me stuffed animals:
Weather its a fifty cent claw machiene at walmart or a five dollar game at an amusement park, you never stop. You blow fifty dollars just to win for me. Just to see me smile.

6. Thanks for loving my friends as much as I do:
I know some of the things we do are annoying. But at the end of the day when I see you laughing with them I know you would do anithing for them. It is crazy to see how we have become like a little family.

7. Thank you for sharing your best friend with me:
I know it may not be easy but you always try to include me in the things you do together. Even though half the time you know it will not intrest me you always offer. He has become like a brother to me. He would do anything for me as I would for him.

8. Thank you for sharing your imperfections with me:
I love knowing your open to be you around me. I love all your little habits like how you hum when your eating something really good but you dont realize it. Although your snoring kills me I have learned to love it.

9. Thank you for sharing your family with me:
From family parties, to holidays, and random weekday dinners you always want me there to be apart of it. You have a way of making me aware that I am apart of that now. That I am family.

10. Thank you for opening up to me:
I know it's hard for you, you hate emotions. You hate talking things through and change. It has taken a lot of work, but I'm glad you know now you can come to me and say what ever your feeling. Scared, happy, confused I am always that first and sometimes only person you come too. That makes me feel very very important.

11. Thank you for always doing little things for me:
Getting me water at three am. Buying me random things that just made you think of me. I know we don't have a lot of money but with just the little things you make me feel rich.

12. Thank you for being my best friend/ boyfriend:
You are nothing short of amazing. You are my constant support. You stand by my side no matter what this hectic life brings us. You make it so hard to stay mad at you for more than five minutes. I can't imagine my day to day without you. All of our inside jokes and amazing moments only you and I understand. How did I get so lucky? Your the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. ELEPHANT SHOES.....