An Open Letter To My Best Friends Father - you suck!

Subject: An Open Letter To My Best Friends Father - you suck!
Date: 4 Jul 2017

When I was entering the 5th grade I moved 30 miles away from my friends and family. When I started at my new school, your daughter was the first real best friend I had, that is still by my side today as we are about to start our senior year of high school. Despite your attempts to always keep us apart, we have remained close and strong. Your attempts to keep us apart have also worked in many ways, I hope you're happy.

My first question is: why? Why do you keep us apart? I have never done anything but respect you. I have never given you a reason to dislike me. So why? Why do you keep us apart like were some damn version Romeo and Juliet? She is my best friend in the world, my better half. What in the world did I do to make you torture me like this? When I am actually allowed to see her, you either don't know about it or you only let us hang out for a few hours. I haven't stayed the night with her in over a year. A YEAR! So why? Why are you so damn mean? Why do you have a tracker on her cell phone that notifies you when she is near my house? Why do you treat your own daughter like a prisoner? Why don't you let her leave the house? Why do you treat her like a bad kid? She is an amazing person. She is smart, she makes good grades, she makes good choices and she'd never do anything to put herself or anyone else in harms way. So why do you lock her away like she's done something wrong? Her teenage years are about to come to an end and she will have to do adult things. You stole her fucking youth. She didn't get to experience anything. What I don't get is that you didn't treat your other two children like that, so why her? I know how much it hurts me to have my best friend kept from me, so I can't imagine how she feels having her damn life kept from her. Are you happy? Are you proud? I bet you are because you're a dick. You aren't even home half of the damn time, she will be home alone because you want to go drink or go out when you aren't gone at work, yet she still can't go out, she has to sit there alone. What is your goal? To make her hate you? I know I hate you. Well hang on hate is a strong word...
Nevermind, the word applies. I hate you, so much. You have done nothing but take away what makes me so so happy. Screw you.

I bet you didn't know your daughter saved me. When I was at my lowest, so close to ending it all, she saved me. She held me when I cried over silly boys. We used to stay up all night, laughing until our stomachs hurt. That was 6 years ago. For the past 6 years you've done this, I am tired of it, I've been tired of it for a long time. I can't imagine how tired she is. You know, she's what me & my friends call a "mom friend". On the rare occasions we get to hang out, she's the friend who brought a drink because she knew you'd get thirsty. She's the friend who never forgets the sunscreen. She's the friend who will pack you a lunch and bring it to you at school. She's the friend who carries a first aid kit, tampons and pain killers in her purse. She's the friend everyone wishes was their best friend. But she's not, she's my best friend and I am so damn lucky to have a best friend like her. She knows me so well. I know her so well. She would go to war for me and I would do the same for her.

You can keep us from seeing each other, but we are strong. You can not keep us from loving each other, from being best friends. All of this, I want to scream it all in your face in hopes you'll realize how cruel you are. But I know you well enough to know it would only make you keep us apart more. You are selfish. You are mean. You are worse than my father who walked out on me. I'd rather have no father than one like you.

Your daughter loves you, and I don't know how because I couldn't. But like I said, she's a good person. Better than you'll ever be. She will be an amazing mother, because she has an example of what not to be: you.

I will not apologize for my opinion. But you can apologize, not to me, but to your daughter, who's friendship you've tried to ruin. But jokes on you, I'll still be beside her at her wedding. When she has a child, I'll see you at the hospital. Just wait until she's 18. There's nothing you can do then.