An open letter to the man whom raised me

Subject: An open letter to the man whom raised me
From: Luz Estrada
Date: 10 Oct 2017

Dear Father,
I am a female, a female that has been taught by a sexist male that she is dumb because he said so, he said that women are stupid, they don’t think the same way as men do and that means that they think wrong. He told me that I couldn’t go out places because something could always happen to me, a female, a female whom is defenseless in his eyes because he raised me and saw me turn into a woman, but can’t accept the fact that I have to fly soon, but if I don’t even open my wings, I am going to have a more difficult time. So I ask him why it is that my brother can go out places but I can not, why is it that when I want to do a sport I can’t because he chose to close all gates and opportunities. I then mentioned college to him and how perhaps I may want to leave California so that I could get to see new places and have a whole new experience, and you know what he said? He said no, that I couldn’t go because I am Female, keep in mind that I will be 19 when I graduate and I won’t stay, not anymore, I thought of perhaps keeping that idea in mind, but not anymore, I will leave. I will stand for what is right and I will not agree with him because I am female and a feminist, and you know what before I would see all this advertisement and I wouldn’t think much of it. Then I bloomed and he decided to keep me planted in one place where he could always have control over me but later in life I won’t have anyone pick me I will pick myself and fight for what I think that is right. It is 2017 and I will not let myself be oppressed by a male who was raised with different belief in a culture where women are beat and they are only to stay at home, cook, clean and raise children. A culture that contributes to the reason why over 31 million girls are denied an education all over the world. A male who thinks he has some kind of ownership over the female body who is also a person something that seems a little hard for him to understand. A male who brutally beat my mother and was responsible making me cry when I felt defenseless and watched as my mother attempted to conceal all the pain with in for the sake of having a complete family. A male whom left my mother when she carried me because she refused to have that abortion. A male whom I sadly call my father, my father that is you, and this letter is for you.