Open letter to the man who thought he could disrespect me

Subject: Open letter to the man who thought he could disrespect me
Date: 3 Jan 2023

So you were the love of my daughters life. She spent every minute, it seemed like, on the phone with your and happier that I have ever seen her before in her life. You are of another ethnicity and probably thought that I wouldn't accept you with open arms. I love all people and judge people on their character, integrity and morals. We had a good run. You two now have my beautiful firstborn angel granddaughter. However, you flipped the script 3 years in and physically abused her in my own home where all 3 of you lived. I watched her cry so many nights when you didn't come home. Saw her loose 20 pounds right in front of my eyes. You apologized after that incident but then no less than six months later proceeded to physically assault my son, her 24 yr old younger brother, in my own home 2 times. The last time when I tried to put myself in betwen to protect my son while you were kicking him in the head and he was lying defenseless, I received 3 knots on my head... you threatened to pull out a weapon but didnt before leaving. I have a few things to say to you.
I left an abusive husband due to him finally getting tired of verbally and physically abusing me when he dared to threaten and eventually physically attack my son. When I can't even protect my children in my OWN home then you are no longer welcome.
I regret my empath nature to the extent that my daughter, the mother of your child, is now walking in the shoes I handed down to her. But if she can't stand strong I will. She will need her mama, we don't choose our parents siblings, or children but we sure can choose everyone else that gets to pull up a chair at my table and eat with me. My daughter will learn the lesson that if the snake squeezes the sawblade too tight for the sake of keeping the family together, the blade in the end will kill her, and mama will be waiting to protect her and pick up the pieces...