An Open Letter To The Man Who Literally Almost Killed Me

Subject: An Open Letter To The Man Who Literally Almost Killed Me
From: I've still got a lot of fight left in me
Date: 13 Sep 2015

As I sit down to write this you can't imagine all the profanities i'd like to call you, you couldn't imagine the hate I have in my heart as I lay here next to one of our sons. I think about all signs and how I didn't know from the beginning. How could I have been so blind?! How could I have allowed this?!
There is a million more questions I have but I'm afraid only God knows the answer to this question. You probably think I'm talking about all the abuse you put me through within in the course of our almost 4 year marriage, maybe you think I'm talking about the name calling and the humiliation, but I'm not here to speak with you on any of those topics.
I'm talking about the day you literally took my heart and ripped it out of my chest. You TOOK my son One of the Three children we share together. You flipped our world upside down. I now go to bed with 2 children next to me and 3 on my mind. You took away someone I've had the pleasure of taking care of for the past 3 years, you took our oldest sons best friend you took away my smile you took away my dignity you took away my ability to get through the day without crying. You have literally taken every ounce of strength I have. You ripped my family apart. The saddest thing? You don't see anything wrong with your actions. You NEVER sat up with him crying you weren't there for his first steps you weren't there when he was so sick you weren't there for his first steps his first word you were there for literally NOTHING and somehow you feel obligated to have this sweet child in your life? I'll tell you something right now you are NOT a father you are a person who uses their flesh and blood as a hostage just to hurt me one last time..

In the future I will have the 3 loves of my life together again. I will be there first days of school, for first dates, for up all nights, there to buy their first car there to put them through college for first steps and words from our youngest . I will be there, that's my promise to them. Guess what you will be? LONELY and ALONE. In the future I will SMILE :) I will learn to trust again and I will pray for you, pray that someday you learn the consequences of your actions.

your Ex wife.