An Open Letter to That Man

Subject: An Open Letter to That Man
From: The Girl Who Loves You Most
Date: 24 Nov 2016

That man…

A man who will never get tired of me. Who will listen to my endless thoughts, and who will never get tired of my undying words. And who will never get tired to hear my dramas in life and my rants. He will listen to me attentively as i speak. He will look at me in the eyes and sees every word came from my soul and heart.

A man who will be there for me as i cry when i feel so weak and lend me his shoulder and wipe away my tears. A man who’s not going to stand as an adviser, an instructor but a best friend, a partner of mine. A man who will tell me what’s right and what i need to do and who will scold me once I've done something wrong and hug me after and tell me that he’s proud of me for standing still and fought for what i want. A man who understands me, the nature of us -women. A man who will not get annoyed with my tantrums and mood swings but instead, he will just be there as i will get back on my mood.

A man who will never ask me to change. He will accept me for who i am and love everything about me. I don’t have to impress him because i am the most beautiful girl in his eyes. A man who doesn’t mind my crazy side, when i’m being childish and crazy. He sees me as a gift in his life and the best thing that happened to him.

A man who’s not just there because he promised that he will never leave me. But because he wants to stay with me, no matter how hard it is to be with me. Even if I am the most difficult girl, he will stick with me. A man who knows my worth and how to value it. A man who will never give up on me. A man who’s going to love me unconditionally

That man, is Peejay Potente