An Open Letter to the Lover of a Broken Child

Subject: An Open Letter to the Lover of a Broken Child
Date: 7 May 2015

I was scared to fall for you deeply. I was unsure whether things will last with the great "happy ever after." I guarded my feelings because I didn't want to get hurt. I've seen the worst heartbreak when my parents separated and it caused and pained me to be like this. To keep myself in the safe zone. To be afraid of being left alone by my loved one. To be the heartbreaker and not the broken hearted. And to be aware of the ugly possibility that you can be the happiest in the morning but as soon as the evening sets in, you'll see yourself turning out to be the saddest. That's why I always prepare myself for the worst, ranging from hideous nightmares from the past to anxieties of the future.

Knowing that there is always a brighter side, I've learned to leave a small room for hope.. Hope that one day I will find the love that lasts. Someone who will show me that happy ever after does exist. Someone to make me feel the essence of pure and true love. And someone to share my fears and goals with.

So believe it or not, YOU were the one to fill that small space in my heart. I love you and I thank you for that.