An open letter to the LoLPH Players and Staff

Subject: An open letter to the LoLPH Players and Staff
From: LoL PH Player
Date: 8 Aug 2016

Hello PH summoners.

To the players. Did you know that LoLPH is one of the MOST Toxic Rift in all of the servers? Of course you knew. Because of the number of complaints from players getting banned without "reason".

Summoners, let me ask you this, If a player has a record of 0-3-1 but has double CS than his opposing laner and has took down turrets. do you think he is feeding?

Let me tell you something about a word called "tilt". Tilt usually happens when you get killed in lane, lost your play etc. When that happens, you become tilted. Another way to tilt someone is blaming them every time they miss a skill, missed a kill, got killed in lane, bullied in lane etc. When you blame them every single time, you take away their ability to "come back". Come back is real right?

So how to prevent this? Easy. don't be toxic.

You can say, "pre bawi ka next time. wards na lang para di magank." instead of "bobo ng *insert lane* pafeed." Right?

Its just his first death. its not the end of the world. be positive. Spread the positivity. Always remember, A good team composition can outplay a toxic team. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS.

Also, for the Bot Lane, toxicity usually starts in the bot lane. Because of the negative synergy between ADC and Support.

To the ADC. Its no the support's fault if he gets the kills. What if he left you so you can get the kill, but died instead. Whose fault will that be? Will you blame the support WHO GAVE THE KILL TO YOU? Supports never cs. They invest their gold on wards. So that means, they dont have source for money except for the starting items. So it will be good if your support gets some kills. I mean, you can cs freely right? its not the support's fault if you fail the cs.

To the support. So, how do you say if you are a SUPPORT. If you join the ADC in bot lane, are you a support. No. Supporting is one of the most complicated role in League. How you say? Let me enumerate the reasons why and I'll elaborate.

Map Awareness. Yes. Supports need this more than anything. You need to be able to know if your ADC is safe to cs, or safe to engage. You need to know if the opposing team can teleport and surprise you. How do you know if the opposing team will gank? continue on.

Warding. Basic right? But how come 75% of PH "SUPPORT" (quotations intended) fail at this simple task? Easy. They want the spotlight. They want to get the kills. They want the Rabadon Item. The Void Staff. The Rylai. The Morello. How can you support your ADC if you itemize that way? So what is a TRUE suppport's item? First and foremost, the SIGHTSTONE. Yes. Every support MUST HAVE this item. To prevent ganks. The other is the Locket of Solari. Yep. Keep em supporting. If your supports have shielding and healings (eg, Janna, Soraka, Sona) A Ardent Censer can be good and you can add Mikael's (for the free QSS and heal). You dont need damage items! You are a support. Your role is to prevent your ADC from dying.

Peeling and Engaging. Remember that your AD is the Carry. He needs to survive the fight in order to win. So you must do everything in order for him to survive. If someone is coming for him, Stun him, Root him, Silence him or in general. Crowd Control him (this is callled a Peel). If the two of you are getting chased, stay behind and die, let your ADC live. Its a support's job.

So, now that you understand the Support Role, next is the synergy between the jungler and the lanes.

When is the correct time to gank? PH players. read this carefully.


Yep. Ganking doesn't mean that you will kill. No. It means "relieving the lane pressure". Example of a scene.

Imagine you are in lane, and you are pushing hard (pushing towards the enemy turret), YOU ARE VULNERABLE TO GANKS because you are waaaaay too far from the safety of your turret. You get the point? If your opponent pushes hard TOWARDS YOU, YOU CAN CALL FOR A GANK.

So, gank if your pushed, beware when pushing.

I know PInoys will bash me for this saying "dami mong alam" or "1v1 nga tayo" "baka Bronze to feeling magaling lang" That is an example of toxicity. If you ask the Professionals, what I said is the correct way of playing. Learned by listening to Deficio and Krepo's analysts. It can never hurt listening to someone who is better than you. So Pinoy Players, accept defeat be humble in victory. Spread the positivity.

To the Garena Staff, please be considerate in banning and suspending accounts and kindly REVIEW THOROUGHLY the ban proposal. And please, reply like you mean it, not by posting screenshots of rules etc. How can the Players change if you communicate to them that way? Be a leader, not a Boss.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the PH server, tbh. I play the EU playstyle of CS first before kill. I will ignore cries for help if the turret is about to fall. Kills doesn't win you the game. Taking objective does. So, with that said, I hope this helped PH players strugling in the lower divisions. If you want to ask, I am a Diamond Player maining the mid lane sub support. I will hide my identity to avoid conflicts. Thanks and Battle on to the glory of Runeterra!