A open letter to Laura Ingraham

Subject: A open letter to Laura Ingraham
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Feb 2018

Ingraham who are you to call someone"s comments ignorant when it comes to people criticizing Donald Trump . Let be honest when it comes to donald trump most people thinks trump is a ignorant individual who doesn't seems to knowledge others besides himself & people like him the 1% percent richest people that's probably a fact. Donald trump isn't a person that cares about.the average americans it all about donald trump anyone else doesn't exist! For you laura to go on your show attack someone for having their views when it comes political figure or people whether it's Donald Trump or anyone else that you don't agree with & insult them telling them to shut up keep their political views to themselves stick to their career job .I not speaking on behalf of anyone however , I say this who the heck of you to tell someone to shut up & keep their views to themselves like you're the employer of your employees .You're no one boss you can't tell someone what to do no more than Donald Trump is a owner of a team .donald trump can't tell someone what to do he doesn't own a team people have the right to speak their minds freely as they want to& they can do whatever they whether you or Donald Trump likes it or not! You stick to your radio& talk shows career by providing opinions without true facts to back up your stories that you presents everyday is what you best at presenting opinions without true facts. The last thing before you go on the air waves or t.v to address someone make sure that you & your producers do your research when it comes to the individual related to their occupation education background etc before you spewing off the mouth about someone that you didn't do your research on that person know your facts first before you speak .