An Open Letter to the Lauliver fandom (Arrow)

Subject: An Open Letter to the Lauliver fandom (Arrow)
From: Someone Rationnal
Date: 27 Mar 2016

Dear Fandom, I'm sorry your ship is dead. I'm sorry Black Canary is dead. I'm sorry you ever thought a ship where the guy cheat on the woman constantly, including her own sister, and had a kid with another woman, was a healthy ship.
I'm sorry that you think that a woman with no self-esteem, who always go back to the guy who cheats on her (90% sure because she like his name and money) is a great role model. A woman who never face her own problem, who always blame other for her mistakes...

You think that a woman who graduate from MIT at 19, isn't a good role model. Apparently a strong woman isn't allow to cry (of course Laurel never cried right?). She buil the Atom suit and when Ray wouldn't go save Oliver, she put the suit and save him herself. She did play with Ray's emotion to have the compagny, you probably can't watch the show correctly. I'm sorry you ever imagine a scene where Felicity was attacking Oliver (?!).

I'm sorry you are so obsessed with a show that you have to almost harassed the writers, alaways whinning about how your fav is treating.
So obsessed that some of you are creating twitter account to bodyshame, insulting and sending death treats directly to Emily and saying after that's if not you but Olicity fandom. That you are tweeting Marc saying you will like to help to kill himself and dance on his grave. Insulting Stephen and after being a huge hypocrite and doing pic with him at a con ...

Sorry that none of you know how to respect people, unable to stated your opinion without showing disrespect to women and calling them "slut", "bitch", "cunt" ...

Sorry that you are so disappointing in the way your ship and fav character was develop that you feel the need to be awful human being.

One friendly advice, you don't like the show? You hate Felicity ? You hate that the show doesn't follow the comic ? (if that so, why not crying when Thea became Speedy ? Or Roy Red Arrow, Or when Sandra became Samantha or Connor became. William ?). Well STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. Your fav is going to die anyway. No open letter, no tweet, no petition to get Emily fired (!) will change a thing, the episode is already filmed. Black Canary is dead, like Lauliver is dead FOR YEARS.
You want to see Laurel and Oliver together ? Read the comics, yu will see oliver cheating a Laurel a lot, Laurel asking for divorce when Oliver is in jail, the perfect little couple.

Just please grow up and leave the arrow fandom, YOU ARE TOXIC