Open Letter To Katie Hopkins

Subject: Open Letter To Katie Hopkins
From: humanity
Date: 4 Oct 2015

So this is an open letter to Katie Hopkins, because frankly i'm sick of her vile rantings.

You are an inspiration, yes this is true, scum and filth aspire to be as disgusting as you, they sit alone weeping, because they will never reach the dizzying heights of vomit inducing revulsion that you unleash onto humanity.

To say I hate you is too easy, when in truth i pity you, because you are blind. I see someone and think, hey! potential friend, you see a fellow human being have to do a background check to make sure they meet your ridiculous standards, wealthy, British, thin,"normal", named correctly etc.

You know even if you will not admit it, you are lonely, and that is just sad, now don't get me wrong I am in no way sad for you, I don't think I could physically feel that for you, come to think of it the only feeling i could probably muster is pity and my lunch rising at the mere thought of your sad empty existence .

I think, NO I KNOW! you are weak and pathetic, the people you mock and purposefully hurt who have disability's, who suffer with poverty or have to live with mental health problems, they a strong! they ask for help, they work to better them selves, that takes guts. Then there is you queen and ruler of the dark castle you built in your mind thinking of ways to put up a new wall of evil hateful things, to avoid dealing with you own loneliness and lightly own self loathing, I mean you don't just have an affair in an open public space if you have self esteem.

To conclude, you are a sad ageing woman nothing else, you spit bile and hatred to hide your extensive flaws, we still see them, we see through you, and don't care if you continue to breathe. To you I am no one but to my family i'm everything and that's enough for me, so you should ask yourself why do you need the aggravated attention of strangers? are your family not enough?