An open letter to incompetent teachers

Subject: An open letter to incompetent teachers
From: Ujda Singh
Date: 15 Feb 2019
You are less than what you think. read.

People ask why some students are idiotic and are not serious about anything, why they are always so careless? Moreover, why do they keep failing? I say yes, we are careless and yes we are stubborn but when it is time to do something we are the most interested people of the bunch and will go to any extent to get the job done, still we FAIL, why? The teachers, some of them do not understand the importance of how people should do what they do. I think it is their job to understand us and teach us. Instead, they just like to Torture they do not care about anything because of their arrogance and the destructive ego that they have. They do not understand that it is they who is causing us students to fail and not them in selves.

The unexplainable feeling that we feel when such situations stabs us in the heart, still we keep aside our bruised ego just not to disrespect the teacher. But Why should they understand that? They are our teachers, which they think they are Gods. They get so deep into the feeling of ‘superiority’ that they forget why they even get that respect. By teaching, empowering and pushing students to their limits. And that’s the reason students respect their gurus.
Ever wonder why we call a specific mentor a mentor? Are not all our teachers supposed to be our mentors? Yes, but because they care too less to be an actual teacher than being a teacher with an unrealistic attitude and a fake charm. They make their own fake image of them being respected. This has created a difference in a teacher and a mentor. While in real life, literally no one cares and in fact curse them in synergy.
I do not blame the students who fail. Because there is no student who never cared to try even once. Just because some teachers judge them based on their one failure, they will tend to fail every single time. Answer this, What if your Dad gave up when you fell while your first try to walk? That’s exactly what happens to students when they fail. Not all teachers are like that and the good ones actually have a great impact on students’ lives. Actually all the little respect that student shows to the ‘incompetent’ teachers is from the respect for the good teachers. The incompetent teachers in the flow of teaching out their lives forget that there is no age limit to gain knowledge and most importantly the manners of their job.
A student might be a stubborn, stupid and lazy fellow but rejecting the need for the teachers help is what crash them even more. When they try to do something, better or good they are often rejected and even lashed out by the same teachers who are supposed to help them.

What we need is their support and not their ego.

“I am a teacher. It is how I define myself. A good teacher is not someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed. That's the way I see myself, so whatever it is that I will do eventually after politics, it'll have to do a lot with teaching.”
- Justin Trudeau

PS: I had so much hatred while expressing the pain I suffered but the reason I did not curse the teachers because while creating this I realise the importance of them in our lives. No matter how bad they are never disrespect them.

Thank you
-Ujda Singh