An open letter to High School Students.

Subject: An open letter to High School Students.
From: YJ
Date: 14 Sep 2019

Dear High School Students,

I know that you do not like to be sermonized, but I still wanted to share a very important information about the dangers of social networks.

Today in the era of Smartphones, information travels at high speed, suddenly when an event happens, everyone is quickly updated through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

You must be aware that everything you read, whatever you write in the Web remains visible to a wide audience and even if you think you have deleted the content, you are not safe that someone one who saw your article did not save it somewhere.

I share this information because it is urgent to understand that anything you can write can turn against you and have consequences in your future.

Take the example of student Kyle Kashuv, 18, who survived a shooting in his high school. He became famous for opposing gun control measures after the attack.

Overall he is a very good student with very good grades, he was even accepted at Harvard for his good results.

But unfortunately his admission was denied and his future compromised. Why ? Just because he made racist and sexist comments on Google Drive when he was younger.

The facts took place when he was 16, but someone put them back online to damage his image.

The result of this campaign "anti Kashuv" through this approach was positive, because Harvard has canceled his admission, this is just one example among many .
You must be aware of the impact of the words you can hold online and the consequences they can engender.