An Open Letter to a High School Freshman from a Nostalgic Senior

Subject: An Open Letter to a High School Freshman from a Nostalgic Senior
Date: 29 Jul 2015

Okay, so you've made it to high school. Congratulations. What now? You're probably pretty nervous, with a lot of questions, right?

Will I have classes with my friends? How hard is it to make new friends? Will I get lost? Am I going to enjoy it?

I'll promise you this, you'll enjoy it. I know that for a fact. I also know that you won't get lost, because if you ask someone to help you find a class they won't pull a Mean Girls and take you out to the "back building" to skip gym. You may not have classes with a lot of your friends, but you'll definitely make new ones.

If you'll give me the next few minutes, I'll give you some pretty helpful tips that will make the transition to your high school years a little bit easier. I wish someone would have shared these with me when I was a freshman. Here we go:

  • Figure out where your classes are before school starts, and map out the routes that will get you there the fastest. Avoid the main staircase if you can, route along the side stairwells. You'll get to class faster. Five minutes isn't long
  • Do not go to your locker after every period. Grab your supplies for two or three periods in a row then, you can figure out the best times to switch out your things
  • For girls, keep an emergency bag in your locker with hair ties, bobby pins, band-aids, feminine products, and anything else you might need. Those always come in handy when you or one of your friends are in a pinch
  • Talk to everyone. I don't care who they are, or how weird you might think they are. You will get a lot more out of life by being nice to everybody you meet
  • Do not start a relationship within the first few months. Give yourself time to adjust to the work load and give yourself space to create some friendships first. There's plenty of time for dating, I promise
  • Take the hard classes, you will thank yourself later
  • Do not pull out a pack of gum during a class period, you'll start with a full pack and by the end of the period it'll be empty. (Unless you're a good liar.)
  • Respect yourself and other people, you're more likable that way
  • Do not waste your time with rumors or drama. Walk away, even if your friends are in the middle of it. It's a lot better than getting involved
  • Join extra curriculars. Clubs not only look good on college résumés but they also help you meet people with your same interests
  • Go to all the home games. (Sit in the pep section too. It's WAY more fun.)
  • Prom and Homecoming are AWESOME
  • Make friends with some of the upperclassmen. (We will not bite. Promise.)
  • No one will judge you if you pack your lunch. In fact, we will probably be pretty jealous
  • No one really cares if you wear sweatpants every day
  • Similarly, no one really cares if you dress up everyday either
  • In short: wear whatever the heck you want to, as long as it complies with the dress code. (No one wants to see up your skirt when you walk up the stairs.)
  • Do not let anyone abuse you in any way. I've know too many girls (and sometimes even guys) who allow their significant other to physically or emotionally abuse them, and there are so many ways to report this. Please, please, talk to someone you trust
  • Take good notes, and at the end of the year, keep all of them too
  • English is important, and so is Math, pay attention
  • Walk on the correct side of the hallway and stairwell please. It makes it easier on everyone

High school is a blast. You are going to have so much fun. Don't worry about trying to look cool in front of the juniors and seniors, you won't. (Just kidding!) It doesn't always have to be about being cool, just be yourself. Make good friends, and good memories.

For now, these will be the best 4 years of your life. I hope that you enjoy the coming years and that you receive many blessings (and lessons) along the way.

Good luck,

A supportive senior