Open Letter To Her When He Find's You

Subject: Open Letter To Her When He Find's You
From: Courtney
Date: 5 Nov 2015
Altapass Apple Orchard NC

I knew eventually he would find you, and I knew eventually I would have to see him light up by someone else's smile.. But what you don't know is how happy I am that he's fount you..

You see, before you...there was me. I was the one who he fell in love with, who made him upset, and the one who use to make him happy. Did you catch that I said "use?" Well if you didn't, now you realize exactly what I said. It took me a while to grasp the concept that I wasn't no longer the one who he wanted, who made him happy... I was the one who was hurting him, but also he was hurting me.

When we met it was that "I feel like i've known you my whole life" feeling. Funnier part of that is the time we spent together felt like my whole life, because that's how much life he brought to me. Before him I never knew what it was to be loved or cared about to someone...but he showed me. As timed passed by we started growing apart slowly but surely... He was a year older than me, never was the party child in high school, and I was the total opposite. I liked to be around the crowd, to sing and dance and make fun of all your friends that were stupid drunk...those things he didn't understand.

Eventually inside we both felt that we held each other back from a lot in life, we never would admit be honest this is me admitting it... I have this urge and will power to have open opportunities in life, I want to live life to the fullest. For him, he was serious, he had our life planned out together. Don't get me wrong a life with him at the time is what I wanted to, but who knows what they want at 16/17 years old. YOU DON'T! Therefore I'm not mad about not being with him still. As i'm writing this I haven't fount anyone else yet...but there's a world out there so im not stressing over it.

But for you, i'm glad he's fount you. That means you've passed all the silent tests he's put you through and you didn't even know it. I hurt him and he built his guard up... He don't trust people, I have to take blame for that... (Don't think he was perfect though, i'm just not gonna talk about his wrong doings.) For you, I want to say thank you for showing up in this life and honestly caring about him. He's still my best friend 4 years is too long to just completely forget about someone and them being there for you through everything. So take care of him, keep that real smile of his which took me 2/3 months to get him to finally do. I'm sure you already know that he's all into jokes, his favorites are Helen Keller. Support him with his hobbies, don't take them from him.

Most importantly, I want you to truly love him and his family. Family means so much to him, so please really love him and them. My only wish for him was for him to be truly happy with life, so its up to you help him overcome that. Be his happiness, reassure all those doubts and fix all the damages I did to him.. I love him, but now he's yours. Thank you.