An open letter to the guy I'm not giving up on

Subject: An open letter to the guy I'm not giving up on
Date: 12 Apr 2017

Dear the guy i am not giving up on,

Everyday people give up on the ones they care about. They give up on them for different reasons like they can't get through to them, they can't get the person to open up. Those people don't give it enough time. You can't expect someone to spill their whole life and past out to you in one night. They've had a troubled past and they hate talking about it, so how exactly do you get through to them? Time, give them time and a lot of it and don't ever give up on them.

I'm never giving up on you.

No matter how long it takes to show you that I am never leaving your side. I told you I would always be there for you and I mean it. No matter how hard your life gets I will always be here. I don't expect you to tell me everything about your past. Actually I don't expect you to tell me anything about your past, but what I do want to happen is I want you to come to me when you need help. When you need advice, or when you just need someone to listen. Let me tell you something, you're worth every bit of this. You're worth the fight. You derserve the best and nothing less. You deserve the world and I want to be the one to give it to you and I hope one day you'll let me.

If I told you that it is okay to be sad. That it is okay to be frustrated with everything going on in your life at the moment, would you believe me? Well you should, because like they say for every bad day you have there is a good day right around the corner. Not only that but you've made it through all your worse days you can get through these ones. I will make sure of it because I am not giving up on you ever. I'm here; remember that. I will never give up on you no matter how hard it gets I'm not leaving your side.