An Open Letter To The Guy In Another State

Subject: An Open Letter To The Guy In Another State
Date: 26 Jan 2016

We met at the beach, but there was something more to us.

You headed back to your home state and so did I.

We stayed in touched and always texted and kept up with eachother on social media.

There was gradual flirting here and there, but we both knew it couldn't work.

We stayed in touch and we grew closer and closer. You were there when nobody else was.

A year came and we were still friends.

I was torn. After all this time of getting to know each other's hopes, dreams, and life goals we grew closer than ever.

You asked me to be yours, and I wanted to so badly, but I had to say no.

It definitely wasn't because I didn't want to be yours, but I just knew the reality of the situation.

We were 400 miles apart..

Although our texting and contact with each other has slowed down, I still think about you a lot.

Just maybe, in the future, or in another life, we will meet each other again.