An Open Letter to the Girl who made the Start of my Freshmen Year a Living Hell

Subject: An Open Letter to the Girl who made the Start of my Freshmen Year a Living Hell
Date: 18 Apr 2017

Let me start this by saying that in no way, shape or form would I expect my high school experience to be like what happened. I've never had trouble making friends, and I've never really been disliked. But, freshmen year, I guess that changed. My intention for this letter is for it to be a slap in the face for you, to cause you a little pain for all the suffering you caused me, but ironically, this is also a thank you. Freshmen year, I entered a new school, knowing few people. I remember crying to my best friend who lived in another town that summer. I was terrified that I wouldn't make friends, people would hate me and I would be miserable. But I knew in my heart at least I had you. Well, I guess I was wrong. We were friendly going into this school year. We had a bit of a rough patch the previous year, but we got over it. I mean how could we not be friendly, you were one of the five people I knew I was gonna spend the next four years with. So fast forward to the first day of school, we both knew a few girls. Those girls turned into my friend group and we were happy. We talked during classes, sat during lunch and had fun. All was well in the world, or so I thought. Then came Halloween. The first high school party! Only problem was, I wasn't invited. And nothing against the host, we weren't close at all. At that party, my closest friend and two other girls formed a clique. And as much as I tried, I could never get into it. They were "best friends" and I was on the outside. Right before my eyes I saw me and my closest friend separating, and it sucked. Time past, and we drifted, and drifted, and drifted. Constantly, my friends would hang out and not invite me. I'd be sitting alone at home while seeing all my friends out. Maybe you thought I was over exaggerating, but nothing is worse than feeling lonely. Feeling like you have no friends is something you probably never experienced, and I hope it stays that way, as horribly as you treated me. So, if you ever read this, I hope you realize what you did, and that this was a huge slap in the face to you. But, theres a bright side to every story. If you need excluded me, I would never meet my friends now. Thanks to you, I have the most caring, kind and inclusive friends I have ever had. These people genuinely care about me, not just care about going out to get drunk. So thanks a lot, because of you I finally found my true friends.