A open letter to girl of Aaroki mountain from the boy of Godwin Austen.

Subject: A open letter to girl of Aaroki mountain from the boy of Godwin Austen.
From: Nouman
Date: 22 Nov 2018

A open letter to girl of Aaroki mountain from the boy of Godwin Austen.

life starts with a heart and ends on it.
love starts with feelings and story will not end,
love, which was not a border , neither language nor taste,would have a feelings
the one who does, not see the color, neither race or age , the only one feelings
the courage that increase every passage of time.

i read the love in his books, i used to meet him from his follower.
if that was true that i read, it was true that i saw. than
why people are afraid to love today?
why today love fears crossing the border?
why today love does not change color or other generation?

i wanted to ask from girls of aaroki mountains.i wanted to ask mackenzie.
i wanted to ask ruby,angel and others
is that my fault that god sent me in third world.is that my mistake that i have not blonde hair, neither blue eyes, nor white skin.
what's wrong with if my name starts with muslim instead of matthew.

yes mackenzie that my fault. that my mistake i seen a rosy hair girl.i am guilty i confess.that was my mistake i seen you.
i ask you who creates that class difference, i was thinking that it maybe abolished.but fact is it is existing in people's mind and that people are future of aaroki mountains.which will play crucial role for upcoming years.

will new abraham lincoln born, who will break that wall?
i don't think so i have only hope from you mackenzie. only and only from you

i don't know after read that letter what will be your reaction.
mackenzie, life is so short. why we spending that short period to hate each other.
how people can cheat and break the hearts of others.

mackenzie i am sorry if my any words hurts you.but i am telling you the reality which i seen and observed.
i am sorry i am not better than mathew and not handsome like him, but would i deserve a one single chance.

your follower

Nouman ####

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