An Open Letter to the Gaming Industry

Subject: An Open Letter to the Gaming Industry
From: David Staniforth
Date: 21 May 2015

Dear Sirs,

I am appealing to the International Gaming Industry to review the way in which health and safety issues are currently dealt with, it is my believe that they are inadequate and not focussed on the target market.

Particulary in the case of the Online Gaming sector where we are calling for the Industry to adopt a common standard across all platforms.

The very serious risk of DVT and resultant Pulmonary Embolisom should not be taken lightly and steps made to bring "Pre Game Advice Videos" onto the actual games during the "Boot Up" together with reminder "Pop Up Advisories" to remind players to take a break during Gameplay is what Take Time Out is calling for.

If the game is not " DVT Approved" with "Active Alerts" this must be shown on packaging. Parents buying games as gifts can then make a conscious buying decision.

This can be dealt with in a similar way way to PEGI ratings.

We feel that advice given "away" from the actual Game Play, on websites, however well intentioned, is no longer appropriate to the market it serves.

I am very aware that the International Gaming Industry is by its nature used to fast moving change and I ask you to voluntarily lead the way by bringing to the fore your talent, skill and resources to quickly resolve this "Black hole" in your rapidly developing industry.

The website will soon be officially launched to the media, the campaign as you may well be aware has already attracted major media attention and has circled the globe.

we are committed to raising positive awareness in the Gaming Community, Government and the Media, with soon to be announced targeted campaigns into Key Mass Sectors.

Please explore the site and subscribe to our blog (RSS feed) to ensure you are kept right up to date with our awareness campaigns as they happen.

We welcome your comments in the open forum or you may like to use the contact us page to get in touch.

We hope you are able to support this initiative in a prompt and positive way.

Thank You

David Staniforth