From: Bright an undergraduate student of the University Of Lagos
Date: 11 Apr 2022

Many Nigeria students in public University have been left with no hope to when the strike will be called off, so that students can return to the class room. A lot of students in Nigeria public University have lost interest in education and their future, leading to depression, while some have indulge themselves into things that can jeopardise their future and yet the FG and ASUU are not taking into consideration the consequence of the strike action, since they have nothing to loose but they have forgotten that, the both parties have the responsibility of bringing up the leaders of tomorrow. It was noted that a 300 level student, Henry Ehis, of the department of actuarial science, faculty of management science, University Of Jos, committed suicide due to the ASUU strike action during the four weeks warning strike, but no one seems to care or talk about It but instead ASUU extended the strike for another 8 weeks and the government is reluctant to their demands. I am sure that a lot of students are experience similar pain, sorrow and depression Henry Ehis must have pass through and they are slowly dying in silent because no one to help them.

ASUU and FG have a role to play for the sake of the students and to prevent more damages and lives the prolong strike can cause in the life of the students if not called off as soon as possible. They should try as much as possible to put away their self-interest and come to an agreement to call off the strike for the benefit of the students and their parents.