open letter to the factory that tried to destroy me

Subject: open letter to the factory that tried to destroy me
From: the person you made bitter
Date: 25 Feb 2016

Dear former employer,
I just wanted you to know how working for you for the past 22 years has impacted my life...for the worse. Before I worked for you I had no cares or worries in my life. I was young, single and had my future to look forward to, that is until the fateful day I came to work for you.
Before working for you I had no idea what backstabbing was, or being terrorized was or what harassment was. Well I found out quickly just what type of hellhole I was in. I worked with two women, and they were sisters, and I really do use the term women very loosely, that you would have thought were the spawn of Satan. They ruled the shop and all of management; whatever they did was the way it was and no one was going to tell them any different. They told the supervisors what to do, the plant manager what to do and any employee that had to work with them what to do.
I can remember crying daily because they were so mean to me and no one would help me. I took my complaints to the human resource department, but they were just as afraid of them as anyone else; no one messed with them even though they were hated by everyone. They would tell me I was ugly, I dressed ugly, I had no friends. They would make sure I had to work overtime daily and every weekend, and if I didn't, they would have me called into human resources for picking on them.
Because of them, and you, employer, I have had a hatred ever since. My time there only got worse.
I was injured on the job because of you, employer. Each time I told you about the problem, you ignored me. I told you someone was going to get hurt, and they did, me. Now because of you I have no job. Remember me, an employee that you said employees were your assets, and safety was your number one priority. Now you refuse to help me, even though it is documented that you injured me. Remember your words, employer? WE CARE.
I just want you to know how stupid you really are. Your employees sit on their ass all day playing on their phones, or on the internet. They take as long as a break they can, they tell your supervisors to go to hell. They put together your product, that sells to the public for several thousands of dollars, with missing pieces, and you are so stupid, you don't even know. Your employees harass and stalk one another, and when it is addressed, you ignore it.
One of your mantras is to tell the truth. Well, when we do, you get angry at the one telling the truth and punish them. You hire temporary workers from the work release programs and halfway houses because you can't get anyone else to work for you. The employees that are there for any length of time have been there when the times were good and now they are just trying to ride it out until you implode or they can retire.
You brought in an outsider that destroyed the company. Your human resource department is an embarrassment. Bet you didn't know that department told me I would never be able to advance because one of them didn't like me. Bet you didn't know that most everyone there is waiting for the company to close up and move away. Bet you didn't know that the majority of the employees that work there could care less about what they do and how the parts look. Bet you didn't know that the number one phrase on the shop floor is "I hate it here".
So employer, one day you will be exposed for what you have done and how you have treated people and when you are, it will be the most glorious day of my life. Your stock will fall, you will lose your customers and hopefully, you will meet bankruptcy. I want you to know that I truly hate you for what you have done to me and I will never forgive you. You introduced me to the world of hate and mistrust. I hope I can take every penny from you and let everyone know what's going on. Satan rules you and with that comes a very high price to pay. I really do hope you rot in hell.
a former employee