open letter to Donald Trump's supporters

Subject: open letter to Donald Trump's supporters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 13 Jan 2018

I would like to personally say to all you trump's supporters that if you still support donald trump for his foul language towards people of africans calling them s*hole then you're just as rotten scums of the earth as Donald Trump. I know you all voted for him for a better life as for jobs immigration perhaps a border wall etc but, you can't just condom his words towards people who are good human being that wants a better life as any other citizens .donald trump doesn't give a damn about you all he only cares about getting your support look at the tax bill that support the rich he going to cut your medicare social security etc that will put money back in his pocket as well his croonies rich wealthy friends! Donald Trump thinks of you all a bunch of s***holes of human being The trump supporters base consist of Ann Colter Laura Ingraham Sean Hannity I'm not surprise if you all condom Donald Trump as long you get what you want a border wall & removing all immigrants you all Trump base sucks!