An Open Letter To Diggs Student Accommodation

Subject: An Open Letter To Diggs Student Accommodation
From: An upset and stressed ex student
Date: 14 Oct 2016

Dear Diggs.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that all the things in this letter are purely from my
experience, however I do believe that the situation is the same for many others.
Although I cannot speak for them I believe that many people will agree with what I

The first point I would like to make is how disgusting it is that anyone who drops out
of university and moves home is still required to pay the rent. I know they have
signed a legally binding 44 week contract, however they shouldn’t have to do that to
begin with. These people are mostly 18 year olds. I know this makes them adults but
they are still mentally very young. It is hard for an 18 year old to know what they
want in the next few years, and forcing them into a legally binding contract that
required them to pay rent for the next year is unfair and should not be allowed.
Furthermore, anyone who has dropped out of university is clearly going to be having
a tough time. The process of leaving your course is a scary and daunting one which
will leave the ex students very shaken and lost in life. They are in a place where they
don’t know what the next few weeks holds for them. This is multiplied even more
when a student has dropped out due to personal struggles if their own which mean
they feel mentally incapable of attending university right now. As if this time in their
life is not hard enough, they are now being hassled for over £4000 that they do not
have because they have had their maintenance loan taken away. This simply puts
more stress and pressure on the struggling student and makes them feel as though
they have let everyone down, adding on that they now have to find £4000.

Next on my list is the rule that they must find a new tenant themselves. You are a
huge conglomerate with access to masses of different advertising campaigns. They
are an 18 year old with a few friends on Facebook. It hardly seems fair to me that it
is totally down to them to find someone else to take your room. And it is hardly their
fault that nobody wants to take their room because the shower floods, the water
turns brown and some flats have gone without hot water for 5 weeks. Not to mention
the bus drivers who decide to charge students before 9:30 despite them showing
their bus passes.

£150 cancellation fee? I don’t think so. When I rang up I was told that the £300
payment made in August would not be given back, but would be kept as a
cancellation fee, and yet the cancellation form asks for £150 as a cancellation fee.
No way, you give me the £300 back or you can whistle for it.

I think this concludes my rant about how unfair the situation is. I have also sprinkled
in a few facts about how shabby that accommodation itself is too, just in case you
were thinking of staying there. If you are looking to book anywhere with Diggs, be
110% sure that it is where you want to be because if you change your mind you are
basically screwed over by an unforgiving and cold company who care not for your
mental health, stability and wellbeing, but about how much money they can squeeze
out of you and your family.

Yours sincerely,
A very stressed and upset ex student who has no idea where to find £4000