An Open Letter: Concerns Regarding the Recent Hike in Business Mortgage Rates

Subject: An Open Letter: Concerns Regarding the Recent Hike in Business Mortgage Rates
Date: 5 Jun 2023

I am writing this letter as an ordinary consumer and concerned citizen, affected by the recent developments in the mortgage rates as reported on BBC.

The abrupt increase in mortgage rates, particularly by Santander and the Coventry Building Society, has introduced an element of financial instability to many. As noted in the article, Santander's new business mortgage rates increased between 0.05% and 0.43% on a single day, while the Coventry Building Society plans to hike its two-, three- and five-year deals. These changes are not just numbers on a page, but represent significant shifts in the financial obligations of businesses and individuals alike.

Furthermore, the report indicated that an average two-year fixed-rate mortgage deal is now £35 a month more expensive than just a few weeks ago. This may not seem a substantial amount to some, but for those living on tight budgets, this increase may mean the difference between affordability and financial distress.

Such sudden changes, without adequate communication or forewarning, add to the already considerable strain many businesses are experiencing due to the economic challenges of recent years. It is crucial for banking institutions to consider not only their profitability but also the economic health and stability of their clients. A sudden hike in interest rates can drastically affect businesses' operations, potentially leading to layoffs, reductions in investment, or even closures.

In conclusion, it is my sincere hope that financial institutions will take into account the potential ramifications of such actions, particularly on smaller businesses and individuals. It would also be appreciated if any future changes were communicated well in advance, allowing those affected the time to adjust and prepare.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to seeing more considerate and consumer-friendly practices in the financial sector in the future.

Yours sincerely,