An open letter to CarillionAmey

Subject: An open letter to CarillionAmey
From: One more disappointed "army wife"
Date: 30 Oct 2015

Dear Mr Easthope

Iv wrote to you privately and Iv followed your procedures but as I write this, your company has failed me & my family yet again. Another failed promise, another day our family live in sub standard conditions, another chance for my child, my precious baby to inhale mould and fungus that is growing into our kitchen and inside our cupboards.

Your company "manages" our homes but does it look after our family? I put it to you that the above is one and the same. That every time we aren't heard or treated as a priority, you are dismissing us as people. We are not bricks and mortar, we are people, most of us with children, who have to spend extrodinary lengths of time away from our partners, we are at home, holding everything including our homes together for when they return. You take advantage of the fact we need YOU. We are left waiting, worrying and driving ourselves crazy trying to follow up on repairs, missed appointments, relenting to the fact there is nothing you can do until a certain date that seems forever away when it's your families well being and quality of life at stake.

Do you see us as a community that helps each other, protects each other, comforts each other? Yet you belittle us and hide behind a helpline with strangers at the end, following a standard trouble shooting format with the same robotic responses, there is no presence in our community of your company. No liaison officers, no drop in help desk. Do we not deserve to see someone and feel that we are heard. Or is it because if we were heard, you would have to re evaluate your protocols, staff, management and take a good hard look at what you are letting people live in and how your company is failing them.
I have given your staff every opportunity to rectify our current situation, I have been reasonable with following your procedures but still I'm here waiting.

I reported an issue on 29th September and was given a date for a visit of 13th October, my complaint began as I was horrified to wait that long as it was CarillionAmey's oversight before March in that had us now in this predicament, so imagine my despair that with a complaint, accommodation officers and your regional manager visiting the property and declaring the repairs were indeed because of a staff failure and the situation needed to be rectified immediately, that my date of the 13th has come and gone and I am still no closer, no date in the diary to having the repairs completed. An offer was made that your cleaning crew would return and actually complete the job they were meant to have done in the first instance, the house was not clean, yet you expect impeccable standards when we vacate. Therefore you would like me to return the house to yourselves in better condition than you deemed it fit to hand over to my family & I.

I cannot speak for everyone Mr Easthope but I can tell you how I feel about this situation. I feel betrayed, I came to this home grateful that we as a family have the opportunity to be together, to give our son a chance to spend as much time with his father as his job allows. That I would take pride in our home, look after it, have respect for it and follow CarillionAmey's guidance and regulations to the letter. That if I did that, we could be happy in the knowledge we have a safe, healthy place to call home. That's not what we have Mr Easthope, you've let us down.

Now you have put me in a whole other situation. Iv trusted carillionamey every time you have said you would do something, every assurance and every promise and every time that Iv been left waiting, wondering and frustrated because these assurances and promises have not been met, Iv wanted to leave the property, every time Iv looked at the mould and fungus Iv felt a pit in my stomach wondering if I'm letting harm come to my child and I should just go but I can't, I made a vow, a promise to my husband that I would be here when he returns. That I can offer him the stability and the comfort that we will be here when he comes back. That I won't make him choose between a good nights sleep or driving hundreds of miles after a exhausting exercise so he can wake up with his wife and child in the same house. I won't be like your company, I won't let him down. I owe it to him to be here and be his wife. That he can complete his job and know we will be ok because I will take care of everything. Do you think that CarillionAmey owe it to me, our family that your promises are met, that the standards you declared when you won these contracts are delivered?