An open letter to the boy who used me

Subject: An open letter to the boy who used me
From: Sarah Brown
Date: 5 Apr 2016
You never cared. I loved you and wanted to spend every second with you. When you did something right, I loved you even more. And when you did something wrong, I still loved you. I took very much time out of my life for you, and I appreciated every second I had with you. From the beginning, I thought you felt the same. I thought you loved me, cared about me, appreciated me, and wanted me. But, you didnt. You put on a show. You lied, cheated, and didn't take responsibility for your actions. I wanted the best for you, and I wanted to help you through anything! You never loved me or cared about what I wanted. You never truly appreciated my huge heart. You never cared if you hurt me. You never appreciated the time we had together that God blessed us with. You used me! And I'm hurt because of you. I love that I'm not putting up with your immature and disrespectful behavior anymore. You have used me enough and played with my feelings for far too long! I want something different now. And not only do I want it, but I deserve it! I have realized the truth. I deserve respect, love, and for someone to appreciate me. And that is not you. I fed you far too much of my trust, love, and loyalty. I've given you what I had to offer, which was far more than what you could give me in return. I wanted to grow with you, build with you, and take care of you, but you didn't want the same. You weren't worthy of my love and never will be. You will never know how much you hurt me, but I know that I'm much stronger now and deserve much better.