an open letter to the boy who moved

Subject: an open letter to the boy who moved
From: valintines email
Date: 3 Jun 2019

hey elvis.

i was never your best friend, i was never close enough to tell you this. i did anyway. I'll miss you i told you that 5 times before you left. i miss you. 2 times so far. I wish you were here. i think this too much.

you with you few but radient smiles. i know i messed up. i thought you were an idiot in the begining so i avoided you. my first mistake. i thought you were cute a month later. two weaks after that i almost hugged you even though i wasnt your friend yet. a month later i caught myself thinking i would die for you out of the blue. i still will if you are ever in danger.

i know i am short and not as pretty. but i have a big heart. i will joke with you. i know you didnt realize but whenever you made a joke and no one woud get it. i got it. i laughed. you are tough. the marks on your back prove that. you said crying makes you feel weak. ill take our tears. you are worth so much more than what happened to you for so long.

i know you love her. is it wrong i dont care? is it wrong i cant stop loving you no matter how hard i try??? i know that you wont leave her. i dont mind. as long as you are in love i dont care who it is that has won you affections. i love you. i would die for you. but since i cant rightfully do either. ill live for you.everytime i think your name ill pray you are doing ok. that you are happy. i wish you couldtake every ounce of happieness from me. i ould give it all to you for a smile. i love you. i hope you marry her. dont forget me please.

ps. i remeber that hug. even though she asked you to. it means a lot.