an open letter to the boy who broke my heart

Subject: an open letter to the boy who broke my heart
Date: 8 May 2016
you.. we met over the summer, but i fell in love so quickly. jeez. between July and January i was the happiest ever. we would spend all of our time together. i was so in love. you asked me out July 6 and we broke up January 1. you knew me better than i knew myself. i gave up almost all my friends for you. i left my best friend countless times for you. but at the time i didnt care because you were my oxygen and i needed you to live. the worst night of my life was new years eve of this year. thats where everything came crashing down. my baby was done with me. i still don;t know what went wrong. all i know is you broke my heart into a thousand pieces and ill never be okay again. you ruined my first love. but guess what? i would take you back in a heartbeat because i am still in love. have'nt talked to you in about a month. i'm usually okay but tonight im drowning. i just want to be with you. im wearing your sweatshirt right now, still smells like you.