An Open Letter To BOL TV

Subject: An Open Letter To BOL TV
From: Quratulain Thalho
Date: 23 Oct 2016

Dear BOL,

Its glad to know that finally we have a Pakistani News Channel that claims to bring a positive change through their news and other content. But is it actually way different than other channels, is it actually the no.1 news channel of Pakistan as it claims to be? or is it just a hipe to get higher ratings?

I accept the fact that BOL has the best setup among all TV channels in Pakistan and I believe it will be something different to watch.

But my request to you is that don't treat your employees the way other channels do. Don't torture them with long shifts with no over time. If you claim to be different then prove to be different too.

Being a no.1 channel, your responsibility is not just to highlight the injustice, inequity, corruption etc in the society but also to satisfy your employees and treat every single employee equally. Be a positive change not only for the audience but also for the people working for you. Accept the fact that they are humans, not machines.

Thank you,
a stressed family member of your dedicated employee.