An Open Letter to the Barter Industry

Subject: An Open Letter to the Barter Industry
From: Tyler
Date: 20 May 2015

Dear Barter Professionals,

Just when I thought things were getting better, you had to go out and prove me wrong. Video is already the chosen internet medium of now, not some future thing that will be beneficial ten years from now. The net has caught up to and passed your creative prowess a decade ago. It is unacceptable to produce terrible videos now. A year ago, heck even six months ago, I would post those videos on this site as an example of good business practice…from now on I will be posting only two kinds of video: the examples of fantastic work, and the examples of terrible video. I will be clearly marking each video as such. Allow me to suggest that if you don’t want your video ridiculed for the whole barter industry to see, make something good, make something classy, spend some time and energy, and MONEY on the video so it creates distinction for you and your exchange, and so it promotes the barter industry as a whole. We are about creating legitimacy for the barter industry, not about promoting more Mickey Mouse style exchanges that don’t take the time to do something nice. No offense.