An open letter to anyone who thinks they are above the word "sorry"

Subject: An open letter to anyone who thinks they are above the word "sorry"
From: Sorry, Not Sorry!
Date: 13 Sep 2017

It might be just a simple word to some, but to others it can mean so much. But there are people like you, who either can't say it at all...or if you DO say it, it's just another one of your full of shit lies.

The saying goes "The karma of fucking over a good girl is the bitch you end up with". So tell me, how's life with that bitch going these days? I just need to say to you that I'm angry, and I'm hurt...and that's ok. I am allowed to be. You fucked over the only "good girl" you've ever had in your life...your one ride or die chick. You fucked me over when you had NO reason to...when I didn't deserve it.
Since you are such a cowardly man who can't even face up to what you've done, I have to sit here and write you a stupid letter to be able to tell you what a fucking piece of shit you really are.
The decent thing for you to do would have been to at least told me to my face instead of hiding behind your lies. You didn't even have the fucking decency to answer the damn phone, let alone face me in person.
You don't seem to understand that sometimes in life you need to face the music. You need to give people the closure that they so desperately need. If you can't be man enough to even do that for the person who so selflessly gave herself to you for so long, then you really are deserving of every bad thing that comes your way. You can't sit there and continue to screw over person after person and then wonder why you are so unhappy and why so many bad things keep happening in your life. Has it crossed your mind for even a second that maybe what's going on around you is a direct result of your actions? Perhaps those downfalls that continually afflict those closest to you...those things that keep happening to your children maybe? That my friend is a direct result of your actions.
Do I sit here and laugh at your bad luck? Indirectly yes I do. While I hate to see your children having so many problems...I have to sit here and inwardly smirk just a tiny bit. It serves you right. You had it all...metaphorically speaking. While we may not have had a lot in the way of material things, we did have the really important stuff. Stuff that you had never had before me, stuff you will never have again. I'm still angry. I'm still hurt. I don't let it control me, but the pain is there. It was such a simple thing. All I wanted was for you to look me in the eye and be truthful. I wanted to see just the tiniest bit of remorse. I wanted to hear you say "I'm sorry". I wanted it because I deserved at least that much. You owed STILL owe me that much. I mean seriously, how much would it really take out of you to do that one simple thing. To just apologize. Seriously. But you have to be such the coward. You have to continue to act like the inhumane lowlife piece of shit that you have proven yourself to be over and over. Well guess what. I hope you are enjoying your karma because it's only just begun. Look at the last 8 months. Look at how many things have continued to go wrong. You thought that if your life was somehow going to be easier without me in it? Yeah. How's that working for you? You have had NO peace. You are having to work as hard as ever, even though as of July all of yours are now over are paying all of the bills, and you spent more this year supporting the "inlaws" than any other previous year. You are hemorrhaging money out your ass these days and yet how much money that you DON'T have...have you spent just since January, attempting to make something up to her that you don't owe her shit for? How many gifts have you bought, how much jewelry have you bought, how many little weekend day many meals out? And it hasn't made the first bit of difference, has it. You are being made a fool of. You are her little bitch more now than you've ever been. And nothing has changed. Well wait, one thing has. Me. I don't have your back anymore. I may not have you anymore...but guess what. YOU don't have ME anymore either. And I am definitely doing much better with us apart than you are. You see, I know what you've got there...without me. And what that nothing but a big fat pile of shit. Like that big fat pile of shit you are married to. You not only are letting her run you into the ground and make a fool out of aren't even getting a damn thing in return other than keeping her off of your back as far as your kids go. You don't have someone who is pleasant to be around. You don't have someone who makes you feel good about yourself. You don't have someone who you can laugh and have fun with. You don't have someone who appreciates all of the little things about you. You don't have someone who makes you feel any passion. You don't get to be totally yourself. You are nothing more than a little bitch boy. Her minion. Her slave. You have allowed yourself to become a nobody, a nothing...just like she wants you to be so that she doesn't have to live out her own misery of being a nobody all by herself.
Now on the flip side of also know what another man is going to get from me....what you gave up. And that is something that is always going to be your biggest mistake. You gave up something great and you know it. So yes, that is why sometimes I have to just smirk a little bit. Especially when I see that fat nasty cow that you are now STUCK with. I know that you've always hated her, hated having to be with her...and now you have to live with that decision. So you and her sit there in your overpriced house that you have to stay in because you have to support your grown children AND her parents as well. You sit there on your lumpy ass sofa, with your lumpy ass bitch of a wife...and spend your days doing nothing more than napping and playing on your little social media accounts. And know that while you are stuck there doing that because you are so broke that you can't afford to do anything else...I'm going to be giving someone else everything that at one time I thought you deserved. And trust me when I say that I know just exactly how much that is, and I know what a kick in the gut you feel when you think about it...about what I enjoyed giving to you, but now will be giving all of that AND THEN some to another man...someone who is a REAL man and deserves what I wasted too many years giving to you.
And to think...all it would have taken was two little words.
Enjoy your karma you fucking asshole. Enjoy your so-called life with that bitch who lives to make you miserable. Enjoy every second of it, and every job loss, heartbreak, broken friendship, and any other bit of bad luck that seems to be falling upon your children these days. Because guess brought it all on to them, just as I told you would happen. So cheers to you, that fat pig, and that so called wonderful life. May you both CONTINUE to get exactly what you deserve.