An open letter to anyone in love

Subject: An open letter to anyone in love
From: The one who is hard to love
Date: 13 Nov 2016

In my 24 years of life I have been in love. Many different times in fact. I have been in such deep love that I didn't even know I was in love until years later. I have been in dramatic love, where I am so overwhelmed with feelings of satisfaction that nothing else matters. I have been in a confusion of love, where I can't fully understand why I am loving, I just am. I have been in masked love, love that I wish had been real, but couldn't possibly have been.

Finally, I am in unconditional love. I have been ripped apart, and sewn back together in so many ways. But a love that has no limits is nothing I ever imagined it would be. The love that I'm afraid to leave because if I did, it would be the end. The love that has struck me down and lifted me up enough times for me to know that it's worth it.

I've never witnessed a love like this, so I had no idea what to expect. The love I've seen is hurting, or too overbearing. The love I've seen couldn't prepare me for the love I am feeling.

After writing down the word "love" that many times, I can see why it's such an abused word. I have used the word like it was unlimited. Now, I use the word when I have that feeling of strength and happiness. I use it very little now and only because I've used it too much.

Words will eventually lose their meaning if used too much.