open letter to Anthony Scaramucci ("The Mooch")

Subject: open letter to Anthony Scaramucci ("The Mooch")
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 14 Aug 2019

You're know diffrent than anyone else that supported Donald Trump including Mrs. Manigault just realize that Trump is a dirt bag!Scaramucci f**** you I don't believe a damn word that come out of your mouth. The only reason you're trashing Trump is because he fired your ass no it was General John Kelly that fired you not Trump who is a real wuss in when it comes to firing anyone! Scaramucci you supported Donald Trump 's tax cuts that favor business man such as yourself .your book called Donald Trump "The Blue Collar " president give me a f**** break. Donald Trump can't relate to those that have a nine to five career jobs working for paychecks he was born rich inherited his wealth in which Dumb F**** bankrupt his fortune having his Dad Fred Trump bail him out!You know what discuss me about mutha F**** that you're still supporting the (SOB) with the economy judges foreign policy etc .your words doesn't mean s****.I don't give a s**** that you go on shows to tell the world you don't support Trump personally you're a piece of S***! Just let me add this you piece of S*** Trump the mutha f***** had nothing to with The unemployment declining of African American you know that & so do Trump .African American unemployment was declining longer before Donald Trump took office in January 20 2017 African American unemployment is still higher than whites & Hispanics but, of course you have to come on television political shows basically kissing your old friend/ boss ass as well republicans presented the case that blacks is doing better under the republicans party bunch of B.S from a piece of shit who I believe still supporting Donald Trump. Scaramucci go f**** off I'm not buying your words when it comes to your sincerely punk mutha f*****