An open letter to alcohol.

Subject: An open letter to alcohol.
Date: 2 Mar 2016

Dear alcohol, my worst enemy,
I have known you my entire life. You took over my parents. I never truly got to know them, but I knew you..... God did I know you.... Late night fights. Constant police visits. Destructive words. You made my dad disappear. Many times. Your poison flows through their veins and infects their minds and rips me apart. Thanks to you, I. Will never know who I am. Thanks to you, all I know is that I will never be enough. What did my family ever do to you? How could a small innocent child make you so upset that you had to ruin her life? My parents aren't atrong enough to let go of you. And they believed you when you told them to give up on each other. I hope you are satisfied.

The girl you destroyed