open letter

Subject: open letter
From: Catherine janeczko
Date: 12 Mar 2018

The Crucible is a fictitious story based on real events that occurred in Salem Massachusetts. We know these events as the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred in 1692 and 1693. The story shows how hysteria can spread through a society and normally reasonable people act as a mob without concern for the truth or right and wrong.
In act 2 page 52, Miller writes, “the deputy governor promise hangin if they not confess.” The idea that the accused must prove their innocence goes against the most basic principle of due process. Individuals were accused , tried , and executed without any factual evidence presented. While these events are said to have happened before the U.S. Constitution was written, the idea of innocent until proven guilty is a basic principle of civilized societies.
As I look back on history I see that humans have constantly repeated mistakes from the past. Every culture has had groups that they felt threatened by for one reason or another; real or imaginary. In the US we have experienced hysteria at different times; including Japanese internment camps, communists in the 1950, Muslims after 9-1, conservative Christians , and now men in positions of power. I look at these instances and think, “who is next “. We can’t continue to persecute those we do not agree with.
The media is possibly the most powerful and influential groups in our society. As readers, viewers, listeners, and citizens we should be able to expect that the media is providing truthful, documented news. In recent years we have seen that the media is willing to sacrifice their fundamentals in favor of political and social agendas. The latest targets, powerful men in Hollywood, business, and politics are in their sights. Peoples careers and lives are being destroyed without any evidence, except accusations by the accusers. Do I feel that many of these men are guilty of what they are being accused? I absolutely do. But as a civilized society we can let the media try people in the news. If there is a “real” crime, it must be decided in the courts.
As consumers we demand that the media examine itself and how it is conducting its business. Stories should be backed up by confirmed verifiable evidence. We can’t continue to accuse, try, and convict innocent people in the court of public option; denying them their right to due process. The current persecution of powerful men mirrors the persecution that took place in The Crucible. More accusations are considered evidence and the accused must prove their own innocence. As a society we have repeated these mistakes time and time again. I ask
the media to be reporters of facts; not instigators of hysteria for the sake of ratings and personal bias.