The Open Hell

Subject: The Open Hell
From: Latasha Drakes
Date: 23 Sep 2017

On July 20, 2015 Attorney Stan Perkins Strucked Lamar Drakes from behind, walking from band camp on Causey and Fairview Street. I got a telephone call from an educator stated your son has been strucked by a SVU. Ms. Lisa Dorsey comfort my son, until the ambulance arrived. My son (Lamar Drakes) were transported to Delta Regional Medical Hospital. Officer Joseph Horn arrived at the hospital twenty minutes later asking my son questions about the accident. Officers Horn also stated that he had pictures of the accident. Officer Horn never drug or DUI Mr. Stan Perkins because he is known of being a user.

Also, my son was misdiagnosed, neglected and overdose at DRMC. Officer Horn received three different telephones, never contacted noone. On July 22, 2015 Lamar went to surgery for an open fracture at 7:30 am, he was out of surgery before 8:45 am. Approx. 2045 Lamar stated going in and out of consciousness, I (Latasha Drakes) ran and out for assistances it took the nurses 15 mins to get to the room. The head nurse came twenty mins later, then they called the emergency team and ER Physician Dr. Berry. The staff worked on Lamar Drakes for 5 hours. I ( Latasha Drakes) requested a transfer to University Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Physician Doo Little stated okay, but first let me get him stable. They staff transferred Lamar Drakes to ICU on Life Support. He was finally transferred to University Medical Center in Jackson, MS at 1430 on July 23, 2015. Lamar Drakes was diagnosed broken legs, bruised kidneys, insufficient oxygen in the blood, lung failure causing loss of breath, a dash in the top of his head, headaches, and high blood pressure.

Its August of 2017 no justice has been serviced. The Greenville Public school abandoned him and did not report the accident in 2015. My son would have graduated 2016 in the top twenty but he had to come out 2017 due to no assists for the Greenville public school.

We are talking about an young intelligent black male with goals and dreams doing positive things in the community. Lamar Drakes was a senior at Greenville High School. Section leader over the drumline and assist anyone he can. Lamar was involved in the community services, mentoring and volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County. Also, he is involved deeply in church.

This accident has affected my whole family. I have lost my house. I had to sale my truck and car. We have to live with someone who don`t wont us here. Also, they are railroading and blackballing me. I can`t get a job no where. Our life has been a Living Hell for two an half years.

Normally the media will know. I feel like the city of Greenville trying to Sweep this under the Rug. No one will accept my son case. We had eight attorney, stating they will take the case. When they find out who strucked my son. We always get declined by the attorney because its a conflict entrances.

Lamar have to go back to surgery again in December 2017.
Thanks in advance
Latasha Drakes