Ongo E-Money, Myanmar Has Toxic Working Environment

Subject: Ongo E-Money, Myanmar Has Toxic Working Environment
From: Ongo
Date: 8 Jul 2019

Ongo E-Money, Myanmar financial company has the worst organization culture. Even Allen, CEO is not reliable and using the worst management style. He always make decision from one side only. His personal life style always mix up with working environment. He even promoted a female receptionist to be a Marketing Manager within two years. She has zero background in marketing, digital media or any related education background. If even there is no specific skill set or management background, Allen make discussion with her to appoint a Head of Marketing. Allen appointed Head of Marketing is also incompetence and zero marketing background regarding mobile financial service. Head of Marketing is aggressive, stubborn and disrespectful. She used rule and divided in marketing team and very emotional in management style. The Marketing Manager, female receptionist is living together with Allen in same condo. Alle, CEO of Ongo E-Money, created toxic working environment for the employee who are competence and willing to grow. You are strongly recommended NOT to work in Ongo E-Money and there is no room to grow unless you are young female employee, beautiful and live together with CEO.