To the one that stole my heart...

Subject: To the one that stole my heart...
From: B
Date: 2 Dec 2016

I write this letter as not just recognition, but profound appreciation and never ending devotion to the woman I love. I often ask myself what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing woman; or if I deserve her at all. For you see, there are many different types of relationships in this world, mother and child, father and son, lifelong best friends, but in this letter I reflect on the greatest relationship of all, that of a man and a good woman.

A good woman inspires you. She inspires you to be a better person tomorrow than you are today. She makes you feel like you matter, like you can make a difference in the world. She inspires your every passion and idea because she knows that those dreams created the man she loves today.

A good woman is ambitious. She does not ride on your coattails but contributes to the relationship. She has her own goals and includes you in her dreams. She strives to be great; not alone but together. Her ambition makes the partnership you share stronger than the individuals you were coming into the relationship. She’s your partner in crime, the Bonnie to your Clyde.

A good woman is honest and genuine. Most people would agree that the foundation of every relationship is mutual trust, love, and respect. But honestly goes beyond just her words. Her honesty and integrity give you comfort in knowing that her love and respect for you are secure. You can trust that she will be there for you when you need her. You can trust that she loves you the way you are.

A good woman is confident and intelligent. She believes in herself and knows she has value to add to the relationship. She does not need you in her life to feel important, she’s comfortable with who she is. She’s not arrogant but proud of the person she is alone, and even prouder to be the person she is with you.

A good woman tries. Maintaining a relationship is never easy; the romance wears off. So she consistently tries to better the relationship and be better for your relationship. She tries to surprise you. She tries to support you and forgive your shortcomings. Her effort in maintaining the relationship shows you that she cares about keeping it.

A good woman is a little jealous. While many people might think that jealousy is harmful to a relationship, and extreme jealousy may be, I think a little is indicative of a healthy relationship. Some jealousy shows that she values you and the relationship and she fears losing it and would fight to keep it. A good woman would never be extremely jealous unless you give her a reason to be; but that’s on you.

A good woman forgives. There is no such thing as a perfect man. Chances are you have disappointed her before and you will disappoint her again. But a great relationship is not about accumulating these disappointments but about using these mistakes as a learning experience to make the relationship stronger. There is no better learning experience than a one-time mistake. Make the same mistake twice and you don’t deserve a good woman.

To my good woman, I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect…I know I am not. In fact, I can admit that she is a much better person than I am. But I can strive to be like her and promise to become a better man than I am today; to become the man she deserves. I promise to appreciate her for the good woman she is and never ask her to change.

However, to call her a good woman wouldn’t be giving this particular woman enough credit. You are a great woman and I love you with all my heart.