To the one that I'm falling for.

Subject: To the one that I'm falling for.
From: Your Best friend until forever time.
Date: 10 Jan 2018

I wonder if this feeling is real and true. Was it? Is it an admiration? You are my best friend and I considered you as a blessing. Though we're still building our friendship even more and more each day. Calling each other through our mobile phones until dawn and we'll talk anything under the sun. I don't think I have enough words to explain how much you matter to me. You've helped me not to feel scared to face life alone, more than anyone has ever in my life. The long nights of laughing at what seems like nothing and everything, the pep talks, the time checks and the teasing. I haven't many people close. But I'm so happy you let me in your world and able to see things that makes you happy and be part of it. You never fail to slap me in the face with dreadful reality when I need or deserve it, nor do you hesitate to give me a helping hand when it's obvious that I can't do it in my own. I don't know and everything seems so nice, safe and comfortable from the things that hurt me inside.

What if falling for you is the possible thing? Would you also fall for me too? So many questions for a certain person, for you my best friend.

I can't help it, I know that there are lots of possibilities in this kind of situation. If only I can say it to you in person and swallow all the nervousness away and face it.