to the one i met at the wrong time

Subject: to the one i met at the wrong time
From: the girl who loved you more than you'll know
Date: 22 Jan 2016

This time last year I remember smiling every time my phone went of because there was just something about you that had an effect on me that I never felt before.
I remember when I would pass you in the hallway and you would say "there's my girl" and I wouldn't feel butterflies my whole body would tingle as if it was on fire.
But, in the end we were both dumb kids and you found something about me (something that I still don't know) that you didn't like. So you left. Just like that, the messages, the pictures, the smiles were gone.
It ate me alive for the longest time that someone who swore they cared for me so much could just leave me like that.
But I realized that maybe in a years time maybe two, you and I might be perfect for each other again. Until then, you're just the right one that had to come and turn my life upside down at the wrong time.