Note 7 compensation tmobile and Samsung

Subject: Note 7 compensation tmobile and Samsung
From: Jared C.
Date: 11 Oct 2016

This is an open letter to the President of Tmobile Mr. John Legere, as well as to Samsung so they can also see how mobile companies are handling and treating their customers during the Note 7 debacle.

My name is Jared. On launch day of the note 7 my wife and I excitedly went to Tmobile to transfer our service to them and get the note 7. We loved our phones and even when the recall happened we didn’t want to give them up until we noticed they were growing hotter. Reluctantly we called and ordered our loaner phones.

Little did we know this was the start of hell from Tmobile. When we got the replacement phones in the mail, my wife noticed there were no return instructions and also one extra s7 we did not ask for. She called up customer care just to see what needed to be done to make sure we didn’t incur any fees to our account. Upon reaching a representative by the name of Bethany my wife soon was wide mouthed in the horrific treatment. She was yelled at and talked down to by this rep. The representative decided to at my wife after the rep told her to go to Ups and buy a box of her own out of our own money to return the phones. When my wife explained she knows that’s not how this works Bethany proceeded to yell the store the store I told you to go to the store. My wife just stood there shocked as we both work in tech support and at our jobs this would result in an instant walk out the door. After she stopped yelling my wife calmly said I need your supervisor now. Shortly after getting off the phone with Bethanys supervisor we come to find out her line has been canceled by Tmobile. So she calls back remaining calm because we know how it feels to get cussed out over something not their fault. So the line gets put back on. Only to realize an hour later now there’s no data on any of the phones in our possession. So yet again a call is made to get that fixed.

A couple days later we find out from one of our other lines that multiple replacement devices had been sent and never received to provo UT as apparently no rep knows how to change a city state and zip code. She finally went to the store to get her replacement.

So back to my wife who handled all of this for me. She was told go to the store return the note 7 in the store so she goes out of her way to drop these off again because we don’t want a heart attack on our bill. She got to the store only to have the store apologize saying no you must hold onto the phones for now.

Flash forward to the bill we go to look at the amount to see we were being charged over 4,000.00 dollars yes you read right over 4,000.00 for the free loaner phones we were sent until the new note was released.
Now when we got this news I was in the hospital Battling an infection in my face. My wife came to visit me and she was on the phone on hold for over 40 minutes she waited nearly an hour for the rep to come back on the line. Yup she wasn’t waiting to speak to a rep, SHE ALREADY WAS. Come nearly an hour to the minute a man comes on, no idea who he is he has no idea what’s going on. This lady put my wife on transfer with no notice no telling her what was going on. This man Johnathan proved to be our God send for a time. He got the charges taken off from the bill and corrected and was supposed to call my wife after conferring with his bosses about compensation for everything we had endured in a WEEKS TIME. Unfortunately that call back never came. So now we have my wife fighting tooth and nail to either get ahold of Johnathan again or get what he was working on given to us. Which is our money back (780.00 after taxes x4 for all four note 7 on the account) and a zero deposit due on the phone we chose to have as a permanent device. Only to be told by a RETENTION SUPERVISOR THAT ALL THEY CAN DO IS 45.00 WHEN A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP HAS A CAP OF 60.00.

This is where I’m reaching out to John Legere and Samsung if you feel as I do that this is atrocious behavior and treatment of your customers then you will do what you know is right and email me and my wife at [email protected]