Noisy Three wheelers

Subject: Noisy Three wheelers
Date: 30 Jun 2016

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj
Managing Director
Bajaj Motors.

Sub: Loud three wheelers.

Dear Sir,
Your company has been the largest supplier of three wheelers or Autorickshaws as you call them in our country for the last so many years. You are also the leader in the manufacture and sale of two wheelers. Some of which excel in quality and performance compared to international standards. However, I'm sure every person today realises that auto-rickshaws are among the most noisiest of vehicles on the road. The older two stroke engines have annoying exhaust pipes, where as the four stroke engines are fairly better. But the general decibel of noise an auto-rickshaw makes is much greater than other vehicles.
Im sure you have one of the best automobile R&D teams available. Why cannot they invent or create a new type of silencer that will fit most of your auto-rickshaw and will reduce noise levels considerably? As one of the leading companies i feel you should strongly look into this and address this issue. With noise pollution levels in the city sky rocketing, and plus the use of unnecessary honking, the city is far from peaceful. I humbly request you to look into this matter and find a solution. I also believe it is not a huge task but a simple hurdle for you and your excellent team of engineers.
Your sincerely
A concerned citizen