No, My Chest is Not Okay

Subject: No, My Chest is Not Okay
From: Swan
Date: 17 May 2016

Water Bear,

You asked "is your chest okay?" when I told you via text that it hurt. I didn't answer because I was scared to. I wanted to answer more than anything else, but I am afraid of being honest with you. I am afraid to tell you how I really feel. I want to though. I imagine if you stay where you are, and I stay were I am, we can be as honest as we want to...and god, we want to be honest don't we?
But I am scared I'll scare you off.
If I'd had the courage to answer your question I would have told you this:
It aches.
Even my bones ache as if they were being bruised from the inside.
If you were to stand near me and gently place your right hand on the left side of my rib cage and softly cup the underside of my small breast and press in, you'd feel my heart beating rapidly between my ribs.
To tell you more than that ache you make me feel causes my hairs to dance and my toenails to buzz would be more unladylike than I've already been. xoxo